The cottage is situated on the West Coast in Sweden, approx.75 km (45 minutes) north-west from Gothenburg, at the lake Gravlången.

Drive the main road no.45 towards the city of Trollhättan (were SAAB is made), through La. Edet and to the village of Sjuntorp. Kalltorps village belong to a group of 25 households which are built at a bay of lake Gravlången, in Upphärad which is a part of Trollhättan community. (approx 10 km from the Koberg castle were the Trollhättan golf club is located.

The Kalltorp village was designed and errected in the early 70´s and this particular cottage was built 1972.

The house is being built with winter standards, many neighbours are living here the year around, and have a well maintained garden area of approx 1750 m2, with the border approx 70 metre from lake Gravlången, with a small jetty and boat. Good fishing possibilities in the lake and fine forrests for mushroms and rich wild life in the area.




This cottage which is in good/fine condition, and consists of the following:

Main building approx, 80 m2 with an open deck/veranda and an built in pattio.

  • 2 bed rooms

  • 1 living room with dinner seating and open furnance

  • 1 multi purpose room

  • kitchen

  • hobby room

  • toilett with closed system and 3m3 tank

  • kitchen sewage drainage through private filtering system

  • own water supply ( drilled deep well, by the village co-operation, with pump station)

  • el-heating

  • tool shed

  • guest house

  • green house

The house owners are members i the Kalltorp village co-operation ( the land is individually owned) and are part owners in the private road leading to the village. Ex. road co-operative that now is included in the land owners co-op-


 For detailed & additional info. and possible arrangement for a demonstration, +46-31-574740. Jan-Eje Persson & Monica Andersson. E-mail: [email protected]


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Front side with parking for two cars

Pattio with morning sun

Pergola-east side

West side with bed rooms windows

Garden wiew towards north


Guest house with plantation and water pond

View from the house veranda

The house wiewed from the lake

Inner glased pattio

Lakeview from the garden

Hobby room